Allie german title



Silverwood's Allison Krause

brooke and allie

Allie is from our March 2010 litter and she is posed here with our granddaughter. Allie is 6 months old at the time of this photo. My granddaughter's plans for Allie are working competition in agility/obedience.

Please check back to see how Allie is doing.


Allie one year german shepherd Allie and family one year
Allie and granddaughter gs dog

Allie is a little over two years old. These pictures were taken in May, 2012. She is from the same litter as Rotor, and she is still part of the Silverwoods family.

(top right) The corgie with Allie is Duke and they are pretty good buds. The two humans with Allie and Duke are my grandchildren.

(left) My granddaughter and Allie are trying out their new bunk bed.

Allie is turning into such a wonderful german shepherd and my grand children just love her.