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Cowboy --- 

our first Champion!.



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Imagine how pleased we were to have bred a Champion in our first litter. We didn’t even decide on a kennel name until after that!

   Champions do not just happen – they are the result of generations of fine breeding before them. In our case, we were able to obtain fine dogs to start our breeding program.

   We purchased his mother Rio from Sandy (Woody) Woodacre, now Sandy Edwards, owner/co-breeder of Select Ch. Woodacre's Dakota and owner/breeder of Ch. Woodacre's Fame. Cowboy's mother is out of the 'restaurant' litter which also produced Ch.Woodacre's Hard Rock Cafe. We named Cowboy's mother Woodacre's Rio Cafe and although she did not turn out to be a show dog, she had wonderful bloodlines and a fantastic temperament which she passed on to all her puppies. Rio was our foundation bitch and she passed along her good health, temperament and longevity as she lived to be 13 years old!

  Cowboy’s father, called “Hank” at home, was also wonderful example of health and temperament, proving the strength of the linebred on the best of Cobert and Wellspring dogs. He was our loving companion for 13+ years also.

   By doing this breeding, we blended his bloodlines with those of Rio carrying some of the best West Coast bloodlines. As hoped, we got the best of both sides of the pedigree. And in the limited breedings he did, Cowboy so generously passed those traits on.

   Cowboy also lived past 13. In our hearts, he will always be in his prime, powerfully striding around the ring with Harvey on the lead.

Thirteen Club
On December 5, 2001 Cowboy became a member of the Thirteen Club. The Thirteen Club recognizes longevity and health in individual German Shepherds.




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