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"At Silverwood, we breed our dogs first and foremost for temperament, then health and finally for conformation. Our dogs are bred to be part of a family. We are a small breeder and strive to produce only top quality dogs with every breeding we undertake. We take pride in the fact we have never had a puppy returned to us due to temperament or health problems." Jan and Harvey LeDoux

Pictures from our 2012 litter.

Meet New Families

2012 new gsd families
This picture was taken on the last day the puppies were with Silverwoods, and the first day they were taken home to be with their new families.

Week Eight

Eight weeks and a sad good bye from us here at Silverwoods but a joyous hello from the new families. This is always a very emotional day for us, it is knowing the puppies aren't going to be around the next morning to play with. However, seeing the new families' faces and the memories of getting a new puppy, it is hard for us to be sad for very long. new family with puppy
kelly and shelly and pup

Country sure misses her babies. She still is looking around the house for them. She loves her babies. And like Country I am really going to miss these little buggers. They are really good puppies and I am sure they will love their new families.



Week Seven

I only have one more week with these puppies. It is so nice to be able to go to the first pictures and compare the puppies and realize what they have become. You really see the big changes they made that you miss being around them everyday.

This picture on the right is of my granddaughter. She is also growing up. Take a look at her and compare her to some of pictures with past litters and you will find yourself agreeing, "They grow so quickly."

Looking at these pictures of past litters gives me great hope for the future of the German Shepherd breed and for my family.


granddaughter and puppies
seven week old german shepherd puppies seven week old puppy


Week Six

six week old puppy six weeks and mom
That big dog is Reba their sister from the litter a year earlier. My, I can still remember how small Reba was and now look at her! Where the heck does time go? Puppies both weigh over fifteen pounds a piece, that is very good. six week puppies playing


Week Five

five weeks puppies Five weeks and the puppies are doing just great. It has been nice just taking care of two puppies. I am getting really attached to them and will be very sad to see them go to their new families. But hey, there is always our next litter.
five weeks pup and mom five weeks pup 2


Week Three

Week three german shepherd puppies Here we are in the third week. These are some mighty fine looking German Shepherd puppies. These little ladies are getting quite spoiled from all the lovin' and attention. We here at Silverwoods are really going to miss these two, a whole bunch!
german shepherd puppy week three gsd puppies



Week Two:

Here are a couple of pics of two of my grandchildren, Shana and Zack, with the new puppies. Grand children and german shepherd puppies, does life get any better then this? grandkids_pups_1
grand kids and puppies grandson germanshepherd puppy



Week One:

week one puppies

Here are a few new pics of the girls and the owners, Keith and Shelly, of the one females, the pup will be joining them and their two other German Shepherds they have already.

I took these pictures on Sunday March 25th, their eyes just opened. My oh my, every litter seems to grow faster than the last.

greman shepherd puppies week one pupies gs



Day One:

2012 litter day one german shepherd
german shepherd puppy german shepherd litter
These photos were taken just a little over 24 hours after these pups were borne. I am starting to think that my grand daughters really love german shepherd puppies. This birth was a tough one but Country and the puppies are doing fine.

Are you thinking to getting a puppy?

Whether you are thinking of getting your next puppy from us or just thinking of getting a puppy, please take time to investigate what it means to "take on" a puppy. We have added this link to a site that has videos and information on the the whole "puppy process".

Please take time to look at this site. You won't be disappointed.

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